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We are the official representatives of a major manufacturer of goods for children and board games for adults - STRATEG company. Therefore, you will be the first to know about new products. Pleasant prices and delivery on the day of order are guaranteed. We have our own staff - we personally check the goods before shipment. As a result, we see our customers as happy.


You can always contact us for advice or recommendation if you have any questions in choosing - our managers duties & rsquo; will definitely help and pick up what you need. Thanks to paintings by numbers, almost anyone can paint a full-fledged picture without special artistic skills and knowledge, allowing you to create a new hobby format.

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We will provide all the possibilities for non-cash transfers through a bank card or send the goods by cash on delivery.

any sending options that are convenient for you

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Unique loyalty program with bonuses and tasty discounts

Savings will be visible and tangible - only reasonable and timely promotions that can pleasantly surprise you.