We choose paintings by numbers in a universal genre

Even if you have never learned to draw, but you would I wanted to paint a real picture with paints, we recommend starting your acquaintance with painting still life of paintings by numbers . There are many options in online stores that are suitable for both children and adults.


Painting by numbers – this is an opportunity to understand your attitude towards drawing and get inspired.

Still lifes with flowers and food

Paintings with flowers – a neutral option for an interior that will fit into any room. You can choose a picture of your favorite colors, or simply match them to the color of the walls or furniture in your home.

A picture of a fruit dish or any other food that fits well into the interior of the kitchen and dining room. Or perhaps you are the owner of a coffee shop and would like to decorate it with colorful paintings. You can buy ready-made paintings by contemporary artists, or you can do it yourself  


draw. The second option will be somewhat cheaper and will not take much of your time.

What you need to know when choosing a painting by numbers

On average, a picture by numbers can be drawn in several evenings, much depends on your level of training and the complexity of the image. You can find a set that suits you, paying attention to the following features:

  •             difficulty level of the picture;
  •             number of paints in a set;
  •         color scheme.

The simpler the color scheme, the fewer shades of colors in the set. This means you will need to rinse your brushes less often to take advantage of the different shades. This question is easy to figure out.

And about the level of complexity of the paintings – here, too, everything is simple. It is rated on a 5-point scale, which makes it easy to navigate:

·                 level 1-2 – children's simple coloring by numbers;

                     level 3 – pictures suitable for beginners and children from 7 years old;

·                 level 4-5 – suitable for more experienced people, has many small areas to paint over.

Pictures of level 1-2 are found mainly in children's stores among art kits and are positioned more like coloring pages.

The most common paintings – intermediate level (3 out of 5). They come out quite detailed and rich and consist mostly of medium-sized areas. Thanks to this, a picture can be drawn in just a few evenings. Colors in a set are usually from 20, but it can be less if the painting is done in monochrome. Also among the paintings of the middle level there are paintings by numbers for children, they are distinguished by the size (30x40 cm) and the plot of the picture (cartoon and fairy-tale characters).

Level 4-5 is considered appropriate for those already familiar with painting by numbers and painting in general. In these paintings, it will be necessary to paint over every detail rather painstakingly. this will increase the time it takes to work on the image, but you end up with an incredibly detailed and realistic painting.

If you want to choose a picture by numbers for a gift, we recommend that you pay attention to the still life. The best option would be difficulty level 3 out of 5.

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